Scanning units HT200*


HT200* - represent a generation of highly intelligent operating units with an attractive design. They can be employed in attendance, access, or meal distribution system, or in combination with direct operation of Electronic Security System.

HT200* - the units do not need to be connected to a computer, they work both on-line and off-line. All the data about persons and events are stored in internal memory from which they can be extracted for further processing in the application software.

HT200* - after the identification item has been brought close to the scanning unit, identification is signalled optically/acoustically. The scanning units receive information about access rights of individual holders of the identification items, information about working time balance, etc.

HT200* - the unit contains backup memory RAM for data storage, communication interface, tamper circuit contact, input and output circuits and built-in antenna.

HT200* - The units are powered by a back-up energy supply source in case of a power cut.

Variants of scanning units HT200*:

HT2000 – Scanning unit with a display
HT2001 – Scanning unit with a display and keyboard
HT2002 – Scanning unit with LED
HT2003 – Scanning unit with a keyboard

Scanning units are also available in LIGHT version.

Technical parameters of scanning units HT200*:

Properties Technical value
Power supply voltage: 13,7V=/up 370mA
IP Protection class: IP 40 (IP 43 on request)
Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 35mm
Operating temperature: -25°C - +55°C
Identification: UNIQUE, MIFARE, DESFIRE (HITAG1 a 2, I-Code, MOTOROLA, HID, LEGIC, Biometrics – is not supplied as standard)
Frequency: 125kHz, 13.56MHz according to the technology
Communications:          RS485, RS232, TCP/IP
Range: 2-15cm according to the applied technology
Display: Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots with backlight
Memory capacity: 512kB of back-up RAM for data storage
Backup time RAM: 6 months
Number of inputs: Up 3, 2 x, galvanically isolated
Alternative output: Card number in WIEGAND standard for electronic security system (ESS)
Alternative input: possibility of connecting elements ESS


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