Readers RS201*

RS201* – a hand scanning unit is used for a general records of persons or objects. It uses RFID chip and is suitable e.g. for monitoring of security service rounds, for records of home waste collection, or for records of attendance.

RS201* – the scanners contain backup memory RAM for data storage, communication interface RS232, and a built-in antenna; the range depends on the chosen technology.

RS201* – the machine is run by three AA batteries. To save battery, the reader is automatically switched off when inactive. The time span can be set from 10 to 120 seconds without a touch of a key or identification.

Variant of readers RS201*:

RS2010 – without a keyboard with LED diode indication. Identification is signalled acoustically (beep) and optically (flashing of the LED diode).

RS2011 – with LCD display and a keyboard. Identification is signalled acoustically (beep) and optically (a change of text on the display).