• this solution is suitable for companies up to 100 employees with installation and operation only at the local station

  • available are various types of identification items (cards, key rings), biometry

  • advantages are the simple implementation of the system

  • BIS® LIGHT is a clear, easy-to-use and intuitive assistant in managing your business


Access control BIS® LIGHT

  • offers all the functions needed for a comfortable administration of access of your employees to designated areas

  • allows to assign access rights to individual and groups

  • evaluates attempts to acces with an unauthorised access

  • part of the standard version is module RULETA (ROULETTE). It is a system of random sampling of employees who are chosen to undergo breath alcohol test or drug test, etc.


Minimal requirements on the application software BIS LIGHT:

Attribute: Recommendation:
Operating system: Win 10, Win 11, Windows 2019 Server, the Czech environment
Screen resolution: 1024×768, higher is recommended
Hard Disk space: min 50MB, plus space for data
Network: 100/1000 Mbit
PC performance: standard office PC


The application can be installed/run only locally. Server traffic is not possible. The application BIS® LIGHT and Pumpa9 must be installed on one PC.

Should you require a greater variety of functions, we offer a full version of the access system BIS®.


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