Readers Z240*

Z240* – is designed for concealed assembly in access systems. It is equipped with external antennas of various design that provide the identification.

Z240* – after the identification item has been brought close to the scanner, identification is signalled optically (change of colour of the LED diode) on the external antennas and acoustically on the external signalling. In cases where the assembly is concealed, there is no external signalling; identification is therefore signalled by unlocking of a door, opening of a gate, etc. The number of card and time of access are stored in internal memory.

Z240* – the scanning units are powered by a backup energy supply source in case of a power cut.

Variants of readers Z240*:

One external antenna can be connected to the scanner. The maximum distance of the antenna from the unit is 5 metres.

Two external antennas can be connected to the scanning unit. Identification can be carried out on both antennas. The distance between the two antennas must be at least 50 cm, or the antennas must be places so that they do not interfere with each other with their electromagnetic field. This type of reader is particularly suitable for double-sided entries.