Vending machines

The system BIS® offers solution that allows dispensation of products from vending machines by means of contactless identification cards. The machine is equipped with a scanner which identification cards and enables a noncash purchase. Information about the card number, the product price, and date and time of purchase is stored in the scanner memory and then transferred to a superior software to be processed.

Standard functions of the programme:

  • records of purchases in individual vending machines: food, beverages, tools, personal protective equipment, etc.
  • detailed statement of costs for every employee or a group of employees (e.g. a foreign company)
  • classification of transactions by date and time of purchase

The system also manages cooperation of readers and coin mechs. This enables differentiation between the purchases made by outside employees (paid in cash for full price) and own employees (paid by card with discount), or records of all transactions.

Management of vending machines is executed by the same software as the access system and it allows the usage of common identification items (cards, key rings) from other applications in the system BIS®.

In order to install this application, cooperation with the producer or supplier of the vending machine(s) is a requisite.


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