System of rounds BIS®

The system of rounds in the system BIS® represents an easy and fast overview of the attendance of security guards, cleaning service, health-care facilities personnel and other service providers who require regular rounds of employees and wish to monitor and keep files of attendance.

The system of rounds BIS® includes a reader and identification discs located on the control points which the employee must pass in order and at a specified time.

Advantages of the system of rounds BIS®:

  • fast financial return
  • easy assembly of the identification disc (operating temperature from -25 to +85 °C)
  • data export to follow-up systems
  • compatibility with attendance system, access control system and meal distribution system BIS
  • delivery of self-installation package – on request

Application software functions®:

  • definition of checkpoints
  • records of individual sensing units and their assignment to the guards
  • allows to create control routes including determining of minimal time intervals between individual checkpoints (avoidance of the “running through” the route)
  • planning of the rounds for individual security guards
  • evaluation of the rounds (monitoring of the attendance of the rounds including control of attendance of each stand, monitoring of time intervals between individual checkpoints)


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