Catering BIS®

Automatic ordering of meals is as vital for an effective and smoothly running or a company as are the attendance records. This is why we offer a solution for the system of meal ordering, restaurant system and a combined system of catering by means of common identification items (cards, key rings) from other applications of the system BIS®.

The modulability of the BIS® hardware and software allows utilization of complex systems of catering with a wide range of functions, but also simple variants with basic functions for small organizations.

The system replaces the existing ways of ordering and meal distribution by means of paper forms and it increases work efficiency. It is based on orders of meals according to prearranged menus and the meal distribution.

In order to ensure high user comfort, we have amended the system of meal orders by adding the option to communicate via web interface or computer. For employees without PC access, the system can be complemented by a touch-ordering terminal.

The basic functions of the order scanner:

  • menu is presented on the display
  • meals can be ordered several days in advance
  • cancellation of orders
  • exchange of meals
  • information about orders (e.g. account balance)

The ordered food is dispensed through the dispensing unit When the employer touches the scanner with their card, the display shows the ordered meal. At the same time, the kitchen personnel see the number of the ordered meal on an external display. This information is combined with information about the remaining number of portions of a given meal. Thus, the personnel can keep count of the remaining portions. The personnel confirm dispensation by pushing a button on the external display, thereby minimising the risk of errors during dispensation.

The standard software offers a complex solution to ordering and dispensation of meals.

Main functions:

  • creation and easy maintenance of database with basic information about the boarders (e.g. card number, name and surname, centre, type of subsidy, etc.)
  • creation and easy maintenance of database of subsidies(calculation of real demands for the subsidies based on information gained from the attendance system.)
  • creation and easy maintenance of database of meals
  • creation of menus
  • total lists of ordered and dispensed per day
  • lists of ordered and dispensed meals per user
  • optional manual ordering or cancellation of order
  • transfer of data to wage software
  • data for issuing of invoices
  • compatibility with attendance system and access control system BIS

The restaurant system of meal distribution

The restaurant system of meal distribution enables selling of side-line products, or main meals in snack bars or canteens. It is a modern system of free distribution in which the boarder is not obliged to place an order in advance.

The employees choose meals from daily menus immediately before placing the order. The meal can be paid for in cash or by identification card at a cash desk with a computer and reader AL1041.

The system speeds up dispensation of meals or goods and simplifies the process of paying. All the recorded data about purchases are available for further processing.



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