Communication converters are used for communication of readers with the control system. The interfaces used are TCP/IP, RS485, respectively RS232. A prerequisite for a proper function of the converter is on-line communication with the control program PUMPA, which directly addresses scanning units that provide data by executing a particular operation or by providing an empty entry.

Connection variant is always chosen with regard to the customer’s conditions.

Variant 1) Connection RS232 – reader is connected to a computer with the control program.

The simplest solution is direct connecting of the scanning unit by the line RS232 to a computer with program PUMPA. Any computer with the required configuration can be used as a communication server. This task is not exclusive, other programs can run simultaneously. There can be more communication servers. This solution is ideal where the scanning unit is close to a computer (line RS232 is 10 metres long), because there are no further costs involved.

Variant 2) Connection TCP/IP – connection to LAN network.

Where there is no computer, but ETHERNET is available, it is possible to use direct connection of scanners by means of TCP/IP protocol via internal XPORT or external module MTCP (connecting MTCP with the line RS232).

Variant 3) Connection KPB4 – connection of readers to line RS485 into a joint communication converter.

Scanning units (up to 35 units) can be connected by the communication line RS485 to converter KPB4. The converter is connected to ETHERNET via TCP/IP protocol.

Communication variant schemes:

All the solutions are equivalent, they are applied with regard to the individual places and conditions.