Readers HT200*LIGHT

HT200*LIGHT – represent a generation of intelligent units with an attractive design. These units and system BIS4LIGHT® can be used for small and mid-sized organisations for simple attendance records and access of the employees.

HT200*LIGHT – the reader do not need to be connected to a computer, they work both on-line and off-line. All the data about persons and events are stored in internal memory from which they can be extracted for further processing in the application software.

– after the identification item has been brought close to the scanner, identification is signalled optically/acoustically. The scanning units receive information about access rights of individual holders of the identification items, information about working time balance, etc.

HT200*LIGHT – the reader contains backup memory RAM for data storage, communication interface and built-in antenna. The scanners are powered by a back-up energy supply source in case of a power cut.

Variants of readers HT200*LIGHT:
HT2001LIGHT – Readers with a display and keyboard
HT2002LIGHT – Readers with LED