The system of services

The system of providing services

ESKON s.r.o. offers a wide scope of services provided upon the customer’s request either separately or as a complex of services during pre-implementation, implementation and operation of the system.


  • detailed consultation to find out whether the system BIS® offers solution to the customer’s requirements
  • survey of the level and parametres of the customer’s technical platform (hardware)
  • analysis of the system setting
  • specification of implementation time schedule


  • installation of the program
  • training of the system BIS® administrators
  • training of the system BIS® operators
  • basic parametrization of the system BIS® according to the data provided by the customer
  • gradual introduction to operation

After-implementation support:

  • installation of complementary software (new modules to meet the customers‘ needs)
  • additional training of the system BIS® administrators and operators
  • consultations, hotline and help desk

Based on the type of contract, the technical support of the system BIS® provides:

  • the latest legislation updates
  • free update of the system BIS®, upgrade at discount price
  • faultless program and user system
  • user support
  • hotline
  • help desk
  • preventive check of the hardware once per year
  • preventive check of the software once per year
  • discount on services connected with the system BIS®
  • we offer also service OUTSOURCING

If you are interested in:

  • constant advancements of the system BIS®,
  • user support,
  • hotline and help desk services,
  • discount prices of our services,

please contact us at:

telephone: +420 553 624 055, +420 553 786 811