Already more than 30 years we have been developing and producing a contactless identification system BIS®.

System BIS® = reliaBle – Intelligent – Safety

Our offer:


Main features of system BIS®

own hardware and software

supplier and manufacturer in one person

application of the latest trends from the field of identification technologies

high level of data security, processing, and reporting

unified operation and maintenance of all the applications


Advantages of system BIS®

less time needed to process data resulting in cost savings, decrease in human error rate

individual approach to the customer

complex technical support for the duration of the service use

legislation update guarantee

possible integration with other systems (wage, economic, personnel, security, etc.)

foreign language localization


We support Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia begun an invasion of Ukraine that has changed our perceptionof life security, safety and vlues of the modern world. Ukraine is fighting for the freedom and democracy. We financially support humanitarian organizations that provide help to families affected by the war whether in Czech Republic or in Ukraine.

Any one of us can help in many different ways –